The importance of personality in your new home

October 21, 2016

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Have a point of difference-don’t be afraid to express yourself and your personality !

In my opinion the worst mistake anyone can make when designing a room is to be bland.

Close up of hand splashing colorful paint from bucket

As an Interior Designer I am most impressed by a room with a point of difference. One that expresses the personality of the person who put it together.

This is the difference between a Display House and a Home.

What do I look for?

1  A little bit of wear and tear!

Absolute perfection makes me feel very uncomfortable and a few scratches or signs of use definitely make me feel more relaxed. The Japanese have an expression Wabi-Sabi which celebrates the ravages of time in everyday things, read more about it HERE

2  Eclecticism.

A mix of styles, not a complete miss match but  a few carefully curated pieces put together really add to the personality of a room. This article talks more about it HERE


Modern interior of home office


Image of teenager relaxing in cosy colorful interior

Perfectly styled sophistication vs. an eclectic mix






3  Layers.

Signs that the pieces in the room have been added over time, not all bought on one shopping trip! Pieces from different places and times with different pedigrees.

4  Textures.

Hard and shiny, soft and fluffy. Chunky open weave and fine textiles. Glazed china and rustic timber. These things sit side by side in a really homely space.

5  Collections.

Home accessory trends come and go. anyone can go buy a selection of vases in the style of the latest trend. Show off the fact that you have been collecting something for years but please make sure that you display them properly and please don’t overdo it! There is no excuse for poorly displaying a collection with such great advice available start HERE


6. Personal pieces.

By this I mean photos of family,friends or holiday destinations carefully curated in a picture wall or on a display surface. A collection of your favourite books on a coffee table. Framed paintings by your kids or grand-kids.

7.  Greenery or plants.

I am stepping out here by saying I prefer real and they must be healthy! (However I have indulged in the occasional fake orchid due to my ability to kill off the real thing!) HERE is a good article about how and where to use plants indoors.

8.  Favourite Colours.

Two or three of your favourite colours used as highlights through out the home just in small touches, cushions or artworks.

Contemporary interior design living room with christmas ornaments. Photographers own artwork on wall and bookcase.

Most of all, to create a space with personality you need to be prepared to play around with different approaches. If in doubt stick about something to the direction given by the famous Victorian Designer William Morris who stated :

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris









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