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December 15, 2016

Hi there!

I need to tell you all about an exciting new idea…Sort my Space

It has been a very big year, personally and professionally. So much going on and so many changes! THIS article on Emotional Bandwidth rang true for me recently!

When I decided to jump into the ‘solopreneur’ arena I recognised I needed a support group. Having always worked in larger companies, I knew I needed to have people to bounce ideas around which is hard to do sitting alone behind a computer screen . I decided to join a Mastermind Group with Angela Raspass (More info HERE)

Part of what came up for me during these sessions was that whilst I still want to help people on their Downsizing Journeys, there are some other areas that I can use my skills as an Interior Designer. Ways where I can help you re-purpose your existing items to create exciting new spaces without spending a fortune.

So I now have the pleasure of introducing Sort my Space.

Sort my Space is an affordable & quick Interior Design advice service.

By hopping onto my website at you can access all the details and click to answer a questionnaire to establish exactly what your needs are. There are 3 affordable packages to choose from starting from an introductory offer of just $49.00!

You will get a report which outlines solutions for your problem space and can also opt for a Pinterest Board and a plan/elevation for your project.

Here is an example of how it works.

My client Jo has a home office. She needed to bring clients in for consultations and run her small business from it but so far she has avoided bringing people in to it and often opted to work in her dining room as she found her office uninspiring.

Jo sent me several pictures of the space and told me a bit about what she wanted to achieve.






I put together a report based on the 4 principles of Hauora (The Maori philosophy on Well-being, which I will tell you more about soon!) and  compiled a Pinterest Board of inspirations for her (See it HERE )




It is still a work in progress and she hopes to paint the walls soon but this is what it looks like so far:


Here is what Jo has to say about using my Sort my Space service:

“I love my office space now it is so much more colourful and inviting. I love being able to look out of the window from desk!”

Through Sort my Space I am hoping to be able to help more people access an affordable Interior Design advice. Please get in touch if you need any more information and check out my Introductory Offer HERE

Look out for updates on new services soon,

Bye for now x




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