Sort my Space


Quick fixes for your design dilemmas,

       creating calm from chaos…

Have you got a problem room?

Messy room

Do you need help to sort your space….?

  • Need to start working at home?
  • Struggling to cater for everyone’s needs in a small space?
  • Need a bedroom make-over ready for a high school student?
  • Do you need some fresh ideas for Interior Design on a budget?
  • Want to make the most of the spaces in your home?
  • Need to try and fit a lot into a small space?
  • Would you like to have some help with your house-one room at a time?
  • Have you ever wished you could ask some quick questions of an Interior Designer at an accessible rate?

 Well now you can…Introducing –

Sort my Space

 A few simple steps to the answers you are looking for, delivered into your inbox.

Great design options starting from $99.00 

Here is how sort my space will help you…

I approach the issues using four principle aspects that combine to create a wholistic solution:

  • Layout & function, (The Physical Aspect)
  • Organisation, (The Mental Aspect)
  • Feeling  (The Spiritual Aspect)
  • Welcome (The Social Aspect)

– to create balance in your home.

I will send you solutions in all 4 areas so you can solve all your problem rooms – one at a time! 


All this for an introductory rate of $99.00- limited time only!

Need more?

I can assemble a Pinterest Board for your project with great ideas for colour schemes, themes and styling (See an example HERE)

Whole space design solution and Pinterest Board $149.00

For a more accurate outcome I can include a scale floor-plan of your room showing the suggested layout. (This requires a bit more detailed information from you for the best outcome)

Whole space design solution, Pinterest Board and Floor Plan or Wall Elevation $199.00

Step 1

Fill in the questionnaire. Decide which package you would like to use and press send. Please email me on if you have ANY problems!

CLICK HERE.  For questionnaire

Step 2

You will receive an email or from me with details of how we should proceed depending on your needs. I will probably need you to email me some photos .

I will give you details of how you can pay. (I use PayPal to give you extra reassurance!)

Once I have received your payment you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3

Wait for a maximum of 5 days and lookout for an email response from me with  great Interior Design advice on your Project!

How about sending a Design Package as a gift?

Go through to the questionnaire ,click on Gift which opens an email form. Send me  your contact details, the receivers contact details and which package you want to send and click send. (You don’t worry about filling in the questionnaire at this point)

You will receive an Invoice for the gift amount, once it has been paid I will send you a voucher you can forward or download and print off.

Give the voucher as your gift. (It will have a unique identifier number)

The receiver then gets in touch with me and I will help them through the steps.

Send a SMS as a gift…


Sample of Gift Voucher

Still need to fill in the questionnaire ?- CLICK HERE

Still need more? Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE & lets have an obligation free talk about your Design Dilemma!

“I love my office space now it is so much more colourful and inviting. I love being able to look out of the window from desk!”             Jo, Auckland NZ