Niching down?

February 12, 2018

Hi there!

Happy New Year and welcome back,

Since I decided to “Go it alone” and set up my own business, I have consulted experts, read books, listened to podcasts and attended seminars. All by amazing, talented, driven people who have strong opinions about how to conduct business. Niching -down is the new buzzword..

I learned that in order to suceed you need to have a point of difference, to identify a niche in the market  that only you can fill and fill it!

This  lead me to want to help people who are downsizing and changing the way they live. I worked out a great system for doing this and had success implementing those systems and had some lovely feedback from those clients. I really enjoyed the work and was very happy with the results I achieved.


(The SEO isn’t going to like that word!) It seems that life had other plans and I recieved enquiries from all sorts of people with all sorts of Interior Problems! I really enjoyed the work and was very happy with the results I achieved (Sound familiar?) In the last 12 months I have helped 3 young couples work out a renovation plan for their houses, all older and rather run-down! I have moved a small business into new offices and made suggestions to help rejuvenate a restaurant. I have helped several people with new layouts for their homes, put in new kitchens& bathrooms, handled complete re decorations, staged a house for sale and even set up an online-consulting service.

So where does that leave me ? A “jack-of-all-trades”? Not exactly a niche!

Where to now ? I have tried to cram all these different disciplines into a niche but am struggling to find an angle.

Maybe it should be “Helping people solve their design dilemmas?” Not very descriptive, or how about “Creating beautiful functional spaces”

I’m still working through it!

I have still maintained my renew, reuse and recycle approach where I can. Waste and unnecessary expense really bother me and I can’t help but approach my projects with that in mind. If I manage to identify my niche, my 3 ‘r’s  will be at the centre of it.

Meantime , watch this space , Ill be putting up more regular updates about the work I’m doing, whatever it is!

Bye for now x


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