‘Hauora’ and the 4 ways it relates to Interior Design

December 15, 2016

Hi there!

My Hauora Design Approach

I would like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about how I approach Interior Design for my Sort my Space service.

I have recently learned about the Maori Philosophy of Hauora. I’ll try to explain this briefly. (With apologies to my Kiwi friends if I don’t get it quite right!)

Hauora is an approach to Personal Well-being. It encompasses the 4 dimensions of the whole person. Physical Well-being, Mental/Emotional Well-being, Social Well-being and Spiritual Well-being. It emphasises that a balance of all 4 areas is vital for total Well-being.

I equate that to an Interior Space by trying to balance all four. The physical, the layout and function of the space, the social, its welcoming feel, the mental, the organisational aspect of the space and the spiritual, the feeling that the space gives.

I do this by using all the skill and ‘Design Intuition’ I have developed over the past 30 years that I have worked in Design! As a result it is part instinct and part logic.



When an Interior Designer places too much emphasis one one particular area, such as how a room feels, how it functions can become ignored. This leads to a beautiful looking space that causes frustration to the user or even doesn’t get used ! By keeping all 4 areas in balance you get a better space to meet your needs. It ‘feels’better!

Sort my Space offers a quick fix to your Design Dilemmas.It focuses on the harmony and balance you can achieve in your room to create interior well-being!

For more information have a look at my website HERE.

For more information on Hauora have a look HERE

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