I have a set of floorplans that are included in the brochure that comes from the retirement village I am moving to. Will they be accurate enough?

Often the plans included in a brochure are provided as a guideline. They generally do not have enough specific information such as exact measurements, location of power points or window heights. They can help us get an idea of the layout of your new home but can’t be relied on for accurate furniture placement.

Can you help us to get our existing home ready for sale?

Yes I would love to come and rearrange your existing pieces to present your home at its best for resale. I can save you money by not paying to hire expensive furniture. Contact me for further information HERE

I have built-in furniture in my home that I love; will it be possible to take it with me?

I can help you make that decision by assessing the way it is built and taking accurate measurements. If it will fit into your new home I can discuss ways to remove it or we can look at having it cut down or reassembled in your new home.

I know there are areas of my home that need a good declutter. Can you help with this?

I can certainly have a chat to you about what you want to achieve, however it might be best if you employ the services of a good decluttering professional in addition to our services as an interior designer.

I have to move house because I have increasing access needs due to my disability. Are you able to help me?

I am very pleased to be able to accommodate your needs. I can work with you through your specific requirements and design systems and approaches in your new home to enhance accessibility.

My parent(s) have to downsize and move into a new home. I have many demands on my time but I would like to have some input into what they are trying to do. Are you able to work with me to solve their challenges?

Of course! Many of my clients are people with ageing parents. I work with the whole family to achieve the best outcome possible.

We moved into our new home a while back but we are just not happy with it! Can you help us sort it out?

Love to. I offer help and support at any stage in the downsizing process. Probably the best thing would be to utilise my REFINE package or just contact me HERE

I don’t know where to go to get help with…..

I can assist you in sourcing tradesmen and services for all aspects of your move from removalists to plumbers. Please don’t hesitate to send me an enquiry and I will do my very best to help point you in the right direction you.