F is for furnish….

May 20, 2020
F is for furnish

F is for furnish, but what does that mean?

The dictionary definition of the word furnish is :

” furnish/ˈfəːnɪʃ/Learn to pronounceverb

  1. 1.provide (a house or room) with furniture and fittings. “

Where do I start?

The dictionary definition sounds a bit clinical doesn’t it ? For me the word furnish implies a more thoughtful and creative process. After all each item that is placed in a room requires thought and effort. It starts off with the following thoughts:

  • Physical -What is the space going to be used for, what is its purpose.
  • Social – Who is going to use it?
  • Mental – What items are necessary in the space?
  • Spiritual – How do I want the space to make me feel?

What should it look like?

Added to that is of course what is the style that I am after. This might depend on what the rest of your house looks like or you might want to make a stand alone statement for this room only. Something that reflects your personal style. Pinterest is a great starting point to collect your thoughts-

Have a look at my Pinterest boards HERE for inspiration…

Pinterest inspiration board for a clients office.

What are the absolute necessities?

For example a bedroom needs abed, a TV room needs a TV and somewhere to sit, these are the starting points.

Remember the 3 Rs…Re-use, Re-cycle Re – furbish. Do you have these items already? Are you happy with them ? Can you give them a new look for your new space? HERE are some ideas.

If not you will have to start shopping, check out local second hand shops or buy, swap and sell sites before you head to the Super centres! Take the measurements of your room with you and make sure the sofa/table/bed will fit!

Neutral basics with layered accessories.

Advice for the nervous…

If you are unsure of your style or are a bit reluctant to make a big commitment, anchor the space on some neutrals and add the flourish after.

For example, neutral or a plain colour lounge can have character added with cushions and throws. Plain walls get an uplifted by crazy artworks . Simple floating shelves can be given so many different looks by layering favourite pieces and pictures.

Finally have a think about the finishing touches:

  • Appropriate lighting, what kind of function does it need to serve? Table lamps for subtle atmospherics, Task lighting for work, overhead lighting for traffic areas. HERE is a useful article.
  • Temperature control, block out the draughts, are the windows working properly? Do you need heating or cooling? Maybe you just need to add a fan or some extra throws to cuddle into when it gets cold.
  • Lovely smell, try candles, rooms sprays or diffusers. Find out about how small affects our mood, HERE is a bit more information on aromas…

So furnishing a space is quite complex after all…. please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE if you would like any help…


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