E is for Energise!

May 12, 2020
E is for Energise your space
E is for Energise

How are you feeling? Have the past few weeks been draining your energy? It could be that you need a bit of a boost, let me hep you and we’ll have a look at how to energise your space..

Does your space look like this after weeks of working at home…?


Most importantly, it’s probably time to have a good tidy-up! Just by putting all those bits and pieces back in their spots, finding new places to keep things or getting rid of what you no longer need, you’ll instantly feel better. For more ideas on how to do this, have a look HERE

Clean up

If you have had a houseful of people full time then there might have been some unavoidable wear and tear. Are there any dust, dirt and marks where there shouldn’t be? Have a really good clean! Elbow grease and a few good cleaning products will help. Have you discovered Norwex yet? I have to admit I’m a convert! Have a look at their products or contact one of their agents HERE If things have got really bad, get your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned!

Re organise

Re- arrange the space a bit. Have you got some accessories that have been sitting in the same spot for ever? Swap them out with something from another room. Move your pictures around or create a gallery wall. Have a look HERE for a few suggestions about how to do this.


Add a pop of colour. You might be happy with the basic colour scheme of the room but adding a new highlight colour will make a big change. A couple of new cushions, a throw rug, a vase and a new picture featuring a bright colour will give the room a whole new emphasis.

Add a new highlight colour.

Don’t forget..

Don’t neglect your five senses, we have covered off on sight already. your space should be looking great by now!

Sound – play relaxing music or hang some wind chimes outside .

Touch – add a nice warm blanket or a soft fluffy cushion. I love the feel of some crisp new stationery…

Smell – burn a scented candle, put some fresh flowers in a vase or use an aromatherapy vaporiser.

Taste – make a cuppa, grab a tasty snack and sit back and enjoy your hard work …. & Relax !


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