Design quick fixes vs. solving problems.

May 15, 2017



I recently came across an interesting article entitled  ” 11 Design Problems SOLVED! in 2 Sentences Or Less ”

It seemed a big claim but I read it anyway, the questions were varied and went along these lines-

How do I create a gallery wall?

How do I make a small space look bigger?

How do I choose a dining room rug?

How do I decorate around an air conditioner?

As I read through I realised that the questions were raising many more questions in my head than were being answered and it occurred to me that most of what I do is ask questions! Of my client and of myself!

Often what someone thinks is their problem, isn’t at all!

Sometimes it takes a lot of digging to work out the core issues.

For example if asked “How do I create a gallery wall?” my thoughts are – Is a gallery wall appropriate in the space? What is it that needs to be hung? What do you hope a gallery wall will achieve?

Or if I am asked “How do I make a small space look bigger” I go to Why do you want it to look bigger? What do you hope this will achieve? What is the room used for?

Can you see how it works? Maybe you are not asking the right question!



So how do you ask the right questions?

Step out of your preconceptions, forget that you just read an article on the latest trends, sitting in the GP’s waiting room and ask yourself if your space meets these 4 requirements;

Does it welcome me in?

What is it’s layout and function?

Is it organised to suit the requirements made of it?

How does it make me feel?

These are the 4 aspects of Design Hauora.

Welcome = Social

Organised = Mental

Layout & Function = Physical

Feeling = Spiritual

If all these are in balance and catered for your space will feel “Right”

So, now go and ask yourself the right questions…..


If you are having trouble asking the right questions, let me help!

Contact me HERE for further advice

Lookout for my new download coming soon – “Creating Happy Spaces”

Bye for now x



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