Design, beautiful AND useful

May 4, 2020
D for Design

D for Design, beautiful and useful ! I’ve used this phrase before as good design always encompasses both these functions.

My design training and experience has taught me that you can’t have one without the other.

Think about a really fast car, the sleek lines that give good airflow also create a great shape that is appealing to the eye.

Design, beautiful and useful
Sleek functional design

However, applying the same principles to an interior doesn’t end up with the most practical spaces. This room looks great but would be hard to live in for a family …

Design beautiful and useful?
Sleek minimal living space

Even in a space which has high functional requirements such as a kitchen, a good design should also display pleasing aesthetics.

Functional and beautiful kitchen dining space.

A good designer works within a brief and ensures that all the requirements are fulfilled. Usually for me the requirements that I have to incorporate in my designs are: multi functional spaces, storage capacity, light, traffic flow, atmosphere, thermal issues, colour, texture, recycling existing pieces and the big one – budget!

To try and communicate all the thought processes that are involved in coming up with a good design solution, I came up with my “Creating Happy Spaces” process based on these 4 principles:

Design for Happy Spaces

  • Physical: The layout and function of the space. What is the emphasis on?
  • Mental: How is the space organised?  Does the rhythm of the space work? A space should always be functional as well as beautiful.
  • Social: Is the space welcoming? Does it have harmony? Is there a balance of colour, pattern, light & texture.
  • Spiritual: How does the space make you feel? Is it balanced in scale and proportion? Are its lines and shapes pleasing?

Have a look at this old blogpost for more information.

My aim is to make my designs beautiful and useful by having all these requirements in mind. I work through the problems of the brief whilst creating space my clients love as well!

I would love to help you with a design for your beautiful and useful space, please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE

Or for online consultations, please fill in a few simple details HERE and we can work out the best approach for you…


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