Creating a workspace at home

March 24, 2020

If you are struggling to create a home working spot at the moment, here are a few ideas…

Creating a workspace in a cupboard
How about creating a workspace in a cupboard?

I’ve been working from home since I set up my business 4 years ago and I have learnt a thing or two about creating a workspace at home.

Initially I started out working from a space created from an old laundry when we added a deck to the back of the house. It was only about 2 x 3.5 m , on the upside it had lovely windows along one side!

However, due to a family reshuffle, last year I scored the spare room in our house so now I have 2 desks, plenty of storage…and a bed!

So what are the basic requirements of a workspace?

I’ll break it down into my 4 basic principles:


Good Wifi/Internet/phone connection. If your wifi is struggling consider getting a booster.

Access to a powerpoint. (Take care if you resort to using extension cables, they can cause all sorts of problems to other household members!)

Try to look after your body by getting hold of an ergonomic chair and consider a sit/stand desk.

Good work lighting. (This might vary depending on what you do and I will talk about it in a later post.)

Ventilation/heating/cooling. Fresh air if possible to stop you from dozing!

Adequate desk space and storage for your occupation. This can be anything from a small laptop table to a dining table. Even a full workstation but it needs to be a dedicated space.


A method of creating privacy or some sort of no-go zone from your family. This can be as simple as placing your desk on a rug and warning people not to engage with you whilst you are on the rug.

Consider moving furniture around in an existing space to carve off a seperate zone. Use part of a room that doesn’t get used much during the day, a bedroom can do double duty, or a media room that mostly gets used in the evenings.


An uncluttered area with organised storage.

Something nice to look at when you raise your head, if you don’t have the luxury of a window make it a picture or a vase of flowers.

If possible face away from sources of commotion, such as the kitchen where people come and go and distract you.


Create some harmony, music (Via a headset if necessary), plants for air quality, a candle/oil burner or diffuser.

Have some separation from normal daily activities if you can so that even at home you can go to your place of work and leave it again for a beak.

Avoid harsh lighting, especially if you are staring at a screen all day.


To summarise, when you are putting together your space, try and think about all four different needs and consciously try and accommodate them all to create better balance and harmony. We all need that when we are trying to work from home!

Watch this space for more posts on design for working from home. I will also cover how to make the best use of your home to accommodate everyones needs . I’ll be putting together a few more in the coming weeks to help all of you trying to keep in all together out there!

If you’re having trouble creating a workspace in your home or trying to make the most of your home in any way, please check out my online consultation offer here…

Best wishes

Lindsey X


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