Creating a workspace at home. Part two ….

April 20, 2020

Following on from my last post here are a few more ideas to help you try and work out how to go about creating a workspace at home.

Using a space under the stairs for a desk

  • Use an odd corner or underused nook to squeeze a desk into. Think under the stairs, in a bay window or behind a door.
Workspace in a bay window
A workstation created in the corner of a room
  • Create a workstation in the corner of a room. Float a large shelf or use narrow console tables.
  • Redevelop a section of a built in wardrobe. Remodelaholic have some great ideas here :

  • Slide the furniture along and hang a room divider curtain across the end of the room to seperate a work and leisure or sleeping space.
  • Stop using the front door and direct visitors around the back . This frees up the hall to use as an office. Or of you live in a two storey home put it on the upstairs landing
  • Use a piece of timber such as a door or a purpose made desk top. Then reposition bookshelves to create a desk like this one from dshop.
  • Buy a fold out desk that you can use during the day. Then put it away when the room needs to be used for something else?
  • Re think the positioning of your living room furniture. Can you move the main seating in from the wall and slide a desk behind or remove a couple of chairs to the garage temporarily?
Living room with a desk in one corner

I hope that there might be an idea here to help you out. The sudden change and upheaval to new ways of working is such a challenge but there are plenty of good ideas out there once you start looking!

If you’re still having trouble creating a workspace in your home or trying to make the most of your home in any way, please check out my online consultation offer here…


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