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April 27, 2020
C for Create

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Part of the format is an ABC…style guide to my design approach so I thought I would do some blog posts based on the latest letter…

This weeks letter is C for Create so I thought I would write about how to create a cosy space.

Create cosy…

Now-days with all of us spending more time at home and the nights gradually getting longer, having somewhere to retreat has become even more important.

How do you create a cosy space?

Most importantly, cosy means different things to different people. I’m sure this has lots to do with childhood memories and deep set memories if comfort. However, there are a few things all comfy spaces have in common:

  • Subtle lighting. This either means side lights such as table lamps or dimmable overhead lighting. It is very hard to feel cosy in stark fluro lighting!
  • Colour! Warmer colours automatically say cosy but not all of us can paint our walls orange so look at incorporating colour into soft furnishings such as cushions, throws or even warmer timber colours if your space is looking too cold.
Create a cosy space
Colour creating instant cosy.
  • Think about textures, soft, stretchy and feel good surfaces will make a space seem cosier. Add a throw rug, some cushions or a fluffy floor rug to cosy up a space.
Create a cosy space
Cosy texture.
  • Thermal comfort meaning not too hot, not too cold and not draughty ! If you haven’t got good heating then think about using a small heater, an electric plug in blanket, ( The ones you can drape around you) and old fashioned draught excluders ( I have to have them in my house in the winter, none of the doors fit properly!)
Create a cosy space
Create a calm space
  • Create calm. If your space is uncluttered this will help. Try burning a candle (Safely of course) or add an aroma diffuser. Cut out unwanted sounds, earplugs are great if you live in a noisy house! Play some calming music.
  • Something comfy to sit on. A chair, a bed or even a floor cushion will do! My daughters cosy spot is on her bed in the corner of the bedroom.
Cosy corner.

One thing that is guaranteed is that if you manage to create cosy and you have a dog or a cat, they will be there be there first!


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