The importance of personality in your new home

October 21, 2016
Hi to you all! Have a point of difference-don’t be afraid to express yourself and your personality ! In my opinion the worst mistake anyone can make when designing a room is to be bland. As an Interior Designer I am most impressed by a room with a point of difference. One that expresses the personality read more

Interior Design-why I do what I do…

October 7, 2016
Hi to you all, I’d like to talk about why I do what I do as an Interior Designer for people who are Downsizing and going through change. So why would an Interior Designer with years of Industry experience, who has worked on big budget designs in glamorous locations want to help with Downsizing? Basically read more

Repurposing #2

September 29, 2016
Hi to you all! I wanted to talk some more to you about re-purposing furniture…. As an Interior Designer I am often tempted by all the lovely new things I come across for my job. Part of me wants to throw all my furniture out and start again! I am held back by 3 main things; read more

No 15 Plan your Downsize.

September 20, 2016
Hi to you all, Now it is time to plan what assistance you need. At this stage, having worked through my 20 tips, you will be just about at a point where your move is nearly a reality. Now it is time to gather the troops! You will need to work out who you need read more

No. 14 Create a Sample Board

September 13, 2016
Hi to you all! A sample board can be a really helpful tool to help you with your Downsize. I am referring to a board which shows samples of all the finishes that will end up in the new space. This is not to be confused with a Mood Board or Concept Board which is read more


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