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October 7, 2016


Hi to you all,

I’d like to talk about why I do what I do as an Interior Designer for people who are Downsizing and going through change.

So why would an Interior Designer with years of Industry experience, who has worked on big budget designs in glamorous locations want to help with Downsizing?

Basically because I know how it feels and I want to help. I have been through times of great upheaval too. I have moved house on many occasions; often at times of great emotional upset. I have always felt the need to create a comfortable and comforting home wherever I go. Often there wasn’t much money available to create that home, so I have had to be resourceful. I have moved the same few bits of furniture from units to big houses to small houses. From Federation to 50’s to Colonial style homes. Sometimes it takes a lot of imagination to try and make it all work together to create a comforting home. I needed to draw on all my design experience to get things right!

Since I was a small child, I marveled at how friends of my parents, who moved many times, would unpack their home in such a way I could immediately recognise it as them . Somehow their home is just always them? Do you know anyone like that?

Not everyone is blessed with an inner ability to do this. There is an intangible skill that some don’t have! That is where I can help.

Sometimes, like it was for me, there is a desire to establish a “Home” quickly. For some there is the luxury of time… time to ‘Get it right” If a room doesn’t work they think “We’ll get to that in a few years” for others emotional pressures mean you need a place to feel like home straight away, or maybe you just don’t want to wait for years to get things right.

I have heard many times of the struggle to create the feel of home in a new space, no matter the size, it is the feel, the emotions that make it home. My purpose is to guide you as to how to perfectly fit your new space, physically and emotionally. So you get the ‘Aah, I’m home’ feeling when you walk in the door.

If you move into a bigger space it isn’t easy to work out how you are going to ‘Fit” emotionally, even if you can fit all your things. I appreciate the double problem of working out fitting emotionally and also practically. I have learnt that it is possible to take the essence of “Home” with you, wherever you live.

I love to help people recreate that feeling of home when they move. I get a real buzz from using my skills as with Interior Design to work out how best to reuse what you already own to recreate that essence in a new and different space. You don’t need to spend lots of money to do this however I am always happy to help source specific items when the need arises!

I have created Downsize Design Refine as a way to offer help to anyone who is going through change and facing the challenge of Downsizing. I love to help people create beautiful, happy and functioning homes….

If you would like someone to help you through your move, please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE



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