I provide 3 core services – Downsize, Design and Refine depending on whether you are moving to a new home, refining your current home or simply redesigning a specific space.

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The perfect service to take the confusion out of knowing which items to bring with you into your new home. Learn how to re-purpose your treasured furniture and possessions and discover your best storage options.

My Initial call out fee is $99.00*

  • We arrange to visit you in your home at a time that suits you.
  • We’ll chat about what you love about your home, your favourite things, and your best memories.
  • I find out where you are planning to move to, any challenges there might be and whether you have any concerns.
  • Next, I photograph, measure and list your furniture, artworks & soft furnishings as required.

You’ll receive:

  • Suggestions about what items will work best in your new home and what items you most want to bring into your new life.
  • Ideas about how to re-purpose your treasures in a new way.
  • Information about your storage requirements and suggestions for new storage systems.

Within 5 working days you will receive your own ‘My new home design guide’ which is a detailed outline of our discussion and a list for your removalist outlining what items are being moved to your new home and where they will go.

The list also outlines items that are to be repurposed with suggestions as to how to achieve that. It specifies the items that are to be released for sale, gifted, given to charity or disposed of.

This is a good option if you are confident of the dimensions of your new space and have reliable information or photos to show layout, lighting conditions, colours etc.

(*Based on your location and for the first hour . Hourly rates apply thereafter depending on your requirements)

Additionally -

  • Shortly after my visit to your old home I can then arrange to visit your new home.
  •  I do a thorough site measure of your new home including windows and spaces in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.
  • I draw up floorplans. Then I develop furniture plans based on the measurements of pieces taken at your home on my first visit.
  • I have a good look at the existing carpets, paint finishes, lighting and curtains and make suggestions for any changes or improvements that might be possible.
  • I can develop paint colour schemes.
  • I can propose storage systems to suit the specific requirements of your new home.

Within 5 working days, I return to you at your existing home to present your own ‘My new home design guide’ which includes the floorplans, furniture layouts and any proposals for change.

  • I bring a timeline of all the tasks to be done and by whom, suggesting options for painters, carpenters and other tradespeople.
  • I can suggest de-clutterers, packers, removalists & unpackers depending on your needs.

At the time of my return trip to present plans to you we can include in addition a sample board of proposed paint colours and finishes, soft furnishings and any additional new furniture items required.

You’ll receive specifications of all new furniture items and soft furnishings (curtains, blinds, cushions, bedcoverings etc.)

If you would like me to visit you once you have moved into your lovely new home, so we can further enhance its Interior Design, please have a look at my REFINE Service.


Assistance is also available in the following areas;

I can;

  • Organise to refurbish existing furniture or organise new furniture and furnishings.
  • Arrange furniture, hang art and place accessories.

If you have other requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information. Call me for your obligation free "Make a Move" conversation - 0472 555 076 . I can then give you a quote depending on your needs.

FROM $99

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I can provide a comprehensive Interior Design Service tailored to your needs. You’ll receive professional  Design advice and assistance with your design project.


  • Do you have a new building project ? I can work from your plans and drawings to help you to create a beautiful new space.
  • If you have a problem with a particular area, we can work together to solve your problems and make your space work for you.
  • If you have new requirements of an old space? Adult children who live at home? An elderly relative moving in? Extra staff to accommodate? I can look at the space you have and make suggestions as to how to adapt it to your new needs.
  • I can style your space to give it an update or create a new look.

FROM $75.00 / hour

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Do you just have a small Design Dilemma and just need a little help? Are you unsure how much help you need?

Recently moved...

  • Sit back and relax while the interior of your new home is professionally styled.
  • You’ll receive practical assistance in setting up your new home in a way that enhances the space and showcases your much-loved belongings.
  • I can then help iron out any small problems and review and make any changes and enhancements to make your new home even better!
  • Any additional needs can be discussed and we can follow these up.

Feeling the need to make some changes in your space....

  • I'll work out with you what is wrong and make some suggestions about how to put it right.
  • Help you work through your ideas and finalise your plans.

Additionally I can....

  • Organise to refurbish existing furniture and/or order new furniture and furnishings
  • Arrange furniture, hang art and place accessories.
  • Help with staging your home for sale to bring in top dollars and achieve a quick sale at a minimum cost by using what you already own.  
  • Come shopping with you to help you make those final decisions and take the stress out of picking the right thing!

 If you have other requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

Call me for your obligation free "Make a Move" conversation - 0472 555 076 . We can discuss your problem and I can then give you a quote depending on your needs...

(Not in Sydney....Have a look at my Online Design Service "Sort My Space")

FROM $75/hr (Or contact me for package costing)

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