No.13 Re-using Soft Furnishings.

August 30, 2016

Hi to you all!

Some thoughts about re-using or re-purposing your soft furnishings.

33b6e54f94859efd2560aaffbf482478 So this is one way to re-use your existing soft furnishings!!

Creating a patchwork from preloved fabric pieces is definitely a good way to hold on to old memories but not necessarily one we can all achieve.

There are ways that soft furnishings can be re-used however:



The biggest thing to bear in mind about curtains is Do you love them? If not then read the next item!

Curtains are often included in the list of things that are being sold with a property so before you take them down it’s best check your contract. Sometimes the new owner doesn’t want them so you can always ask! If the curtains were really good quality and have been well maintained (Cleaned) they can be great to re use. Often windows are a standard height, 21o cm, so it can be as simple as just un-hooking them and rehanging them. This might be a good time to get them removed and dry cleaned then delivered to your new home. If they are too long for your new home then having them shortened by a curtain maker or alterations shop is easy. Curtains can be lengthened by adding a contrasting band to the bottom which can be really effective. Your new home may not have curtain tracks so it may be necessary to have some installed. Look up Curtain Fitters or approach your nearest curtain shop for help. A Curtain Fitter can advise you as to what kind of track will work best for your new space and install it and hang the curtains for you. If you just love the fabric but can’t re-use the curtain, cut a big section out and re-use the fabric for cushions. It would also be possible to re-use curtain fabric for Fabric Blinds if it is in really good condition.


Sheers are the easiest soft furnishing to re use as the plain white or cream ones work in most new colour schemes. If you are intent on having sheer curtains then investigate their suitability to your new space as described for curtains.

Blinds and Shutters.

Blinds can definitely be re-used in certain situations. However in most instances there are more technical details involved than I can go into here. If you would like to get some unbiased information I suggest you approach a Curtain Fitter/Installer. There are some around who specialise in installation and are not attached to a specific supplier of manufacturer. This is important as you really need an unbiased opinion rather than someone who wants to sell you new blinds! You may need to pay a call out fee in order to pump them for information but if you are able to reuse blinds this will save you thousands. You will need to supply the Fitter with pictures and dimensions of your new windows .


London, United Kingdom - May 14, 2016: Brixton Village and Brixton Station Road Market. Colorful and multicultural community market run by local traders in South London. Colourful cushions

If you have invested in good quality inserts over the years, hand on to them. Cushion covers are perhaps the easiest way  o update the look of your furniture and help old items work in with new interiors so be objective. If you have cushions of great sentimental value or perhaps old tapestry covers, they can be re worked into the new space. Maybe it is time to have the backs replaced to give them a new look?

Bedheads and Bedcovers.

Upholstered bedheads can always be considered as part of your new colour scheme. It may be necessary to have them re upholstered if they are really dated or worn. The other possibility is to paint them using a Chalk Paint or Fabric Paint. Both can be effective when used in the right situations. If you want to invest in new bed covering then consider using  reusing the main bedroom furnishings  in a spare room. Re working the existing fabrics into a new colour scheme will give them a boost. HERE is an article about painting a bedhead.

Rugs and mats.

Often a rug has been bought to fit in with a collection of furniture so will translate to a new setting with those items. Just be sure to check the sizes of rugs are appropriate to the new space. A great article on rug sizes can be found HERE.

I hope these few thoughts will start you thinking about what you can re use in your Downsize.

If you get stuck, please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE

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