Design quick fixes vs. solving problems.

May 15, 2017
Hi!   I recently came across an interesting article entitled  ” 11 Design Problems SOLVED! in 2 Sentences Or Less ” It seemed a big claim but I read it anyway, the questions were varied and went along these lines- How do I create a gallery wall? How do I make a small space look read more

‘Hauora’ and the 4 ways it relates to Interior Design

December 15, 2016
Hi there! My Hauora Design Approach I would like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about how I approach Interior Design for my Sort my Space service. I have recently learned about the Maori Philosophy of Hauora. I’ll try to explain this briefly. (With apologies to my Kiwi friends if I don’t get it read more

Sort my Space….

Hi there! I need to tell you all about an exciting new idea…Sort my Space It has been a very big year, personally and professionally. So much going on and so many changes! THIS article on Emotional Bandwidth rang true for me recently! When I decided to jump into the ‘solopreneur’ arena I recognised I needed a read more

The importance of personality in your new home

October 21, 2016
Hi to you all! Have a point of difference-don’t be afraid to express yourself and your personality ! In my opinion the worst mistake anyone can make when designing a room is to be bland. As an Interior Designer I am most impressed by a room with a point of difference. One that expresses the personality read more

Interior Design-why I do what I do…

October 7, 2016
Hi to you all, I’d like to talk about why I do what I do as an Interior Designer for people who are Downsizing and going through change. So why would an Interior Designer with years of Industry experience, who has worked on big budget designs in glamorous locations want to help with Downsizing? Basically read more


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